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It's patch day here at WWII Online - w00t! Introducing a big roadmap delivery Motorized Mortar Carriers, 25 new towns, new PPOs, and several features and bug fixes! Mortar Carriers are capable of firing up to 2,000-3,000m with indirect fire (smoke + HE rounds) and their commander is equipped with a range finder. Current light mortars ingame are 50mm (compared to the new 81mm) and only have a range of 500m (compared to 2-3k). Work together, get forward observers and if mortars are your thing - this is the biggest mortar implementation (self-propelled even) that we have ever done for WWII Online! All coming to WWII Online tonight at 6PM Server Time (GMT -8), or 8PM Central, 9PM Eastern.

Coming to WWII Online, the Motorized Mortar Carriers!

World War II Online

Version - July 2022

New Motorized Mortar Carriers, 25 New Towns, new PPOs, several bug fixes implemented - and so much more! All thanks to your support of the 2022 fundraiser and continued subscriptions - thank you from all of us at CRS. S!


  • Added the Rat Pack player decal for their 2022 squad contribution (Thank You)

  • New 2022 Fundraiser Platinum Wreaths have been added to the game (Thanks to Csm308, Robswede, and Bangsi)

  • Doom66 has been added to the Fallen Soldier memorial

  • Bombsights in Bombers with moveable bombsights will now be able to be locked and unlocked (default: locked) left-ctrl+z

  • Instant Despawn now happens when players press the Escape key without the need to click ok, press Escape again to cancel

  • New Motorized Mortars have been added:

  • British - 3in Universal Carrier Mk I

  • American/French - 81mm (M21) Halftrack

  • German - 81mm Halftrack

  • The game's credits have been updated

  • The Barrage Balloon PPO has been added to Supply Trucks

  • The Barrage Balloon PPO max damage and height has been updated

  • Windmills are now destroyable

  • A new capturable City Hall has been added to Brussels and Limburg

  • A new river island added near Grobendonk

  • A few new road tiles have been added

  • Improvements have been made to Versaille

  • Surf has been added to coast lines

  • A new Bush PPO is now available

  • Camo Netting PPOs have been added

  • Tree visual distance has been extended out to 4.5km

  • Updated Spa track to closer match the historic layout

  • 25 New towns added to the map: De-Cochsdorp, Scheveningen, Ijmuiden, Herdecke, Castrop-Rauxel, Herne, Zwolle, Hoogeveen, Meppel, Eursinge, Arnhem, Renkum, Franeker, Harlingen, Woerden, Amsterdam East, Amsterdam West, Mijdrecht, Leiden, Alphen Aan Den Rijn, Haarlem, Aalsmeer, Hillegom, Dortmund, and Limburg


  • The 109 F2P aircraft's "type" (ctrl+i) icon mode has been fixed

  • Fixed disappearing ABs in Kalmthout, Marche, and Wetteren

  • The US Carbine Paratrooper's weapon has been repaired

  • The Supply Truck's PPO info on the spawn list has been fixed

  • Fixed broken flags on some bunkers

  • Some fixes added  to Hellevoetsluis (this area remains a work in progress)

  • Repaired a hangar in Charlois

  • Corrected a terrain tile near St. Menehould

  • Trees have been removed from the Veurne AB

  • AI repaired near Liege

  • Fixed terrain clipping near Krabbendijke

  • The "Play Offline" and "Settings" buttons on the Mac launcher have been updated

  • The PPO Name Selection issue on certain units has been fixed

  • EZ Mode (RA) controls have been removed from the keymapper

Note: A future variant of the 81mm Universal Carrier Mk I variant will be made available to French forces so that they can be introduced one tier earlier. All Mortar Carriers at this time will join when the US Forces do, or Tier 3 as of this writing.

S! Cornered Rat Software

Inside the USA mortar carrier armed with a .50 caliber machinegun!

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