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The RATS have been hard at work behind the scenes, and tonight at 6PM Pacific (8PM Central, 9PM Eastern) we will be introducing hotfix version This includes lots of great fixes to the recently introduced mortar carriers, new sounds, and updated range-finding capabilities for several commander positions. Downtime is estimated at 30-45 minutes. Please continue reading for full patch notes. Thanks for your support, Salute!

World War II Online

Version - August 2022

This quick turnaround hotfix is aimed at cleaning up a few issues and features with the new Motorized Mortars and adds a few new game features.


  • The game's credits have been updated

  • All 81mm mortars have had their sound updated

  • The BAR now has two grenades and two fewer ammo magazines

  • A French variant of the UCM has been added to the French forces

  • Bearing information has been added to the Range Finding ability of some commanders


  • Barrage Balloons have had their visual range extended from 1km to 5km

  • All Mortar Carriers

  • Now have unified traverse rates

  • Commanders have 360-degree view rotation

  • Commander, Mortarman, and Rear Gunners now duck when press, "O"

  • UI images updated by Propa

  • The SdkFz 251/2 Mortar Carrier

  • Rear gunner no longer clips through the side of the vehicle when traversing the gun

  • Fixed an issue with textures flickering on the rear hull. Fixed issue with manual not showing up on the index list

  • The UCM Mortar Carrier: Added french variant of UCM (for earlier tiers)

  • The M21 Mortar Carrier: Fixed texture issue that allowed visibility through the vehicle to the ground

  • The US M3 ATG and Bofors AAA guns have had their crew members updated to a US crew

  • The Ijmuiden inf spawn at the Amsterdam West FB has been repaired

  • Multiple textures and game images have been optimized for much quicker load times for AMD video cards

  • HE shrapnel against non-penetrating armor hits has been temporarily disabled (shrapnel is still generated when hitting non-armor surfaces)

S! Cornered Rat Software

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