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Updated: May 18

It's patch day and The King of Battle has arrived at WWII Online: Introducing ARTILLERY! The RATS do it again by providing the longest-ranged indirect fire weapon ever introduced into a video game. They have server-tracked rounds with a range of up to 10,000-11,600m depending on the weapon. Also introduces the infantry-based MG42 with a 50rd drum mag and colored smoke. Three roadmap deliveries plus a lot more, keep reading! Join the forum discussion about this patch here.

WWII Online introduces artillery to the game!

World War II Online

Version - November 2022

Introducing ARTILLERY for WWII Online! Since day one you have requested this to be part of the game, and here it is! It also happens to be the longest indirect firing weapons ever to be placed into a video game! Additionally, the MG42 is now available for infantry and we've added various other features and fixes. Stay subscribed and help us do even more!


  • Artillery units have been added to the game

  • The Allied M2A1 105mm

  • The Axis 10.5cm LeFH18/40 105mm

  • *Current known issue: Incorrect range info on the vehicle selection screen. This has no impact on actual vehicle performance, this is ONLY the vehicle information displayed in the UI when selecting the vehicle. The actual maximum range for the LeFH 18/40 is: 12,325m.

  • A brand new Motorized Mortar and Artillery Leveling System has been added (see the unit's manual for details)

  • An updated HUD info window for motorized mortars and artillery has been added to give players specific details for those units

  • Added country specific colored smoke rounds to artillery, US-Violet, DE-Blue/White, FR/UK-White

  • The infantry MG42 unit has been added to the German spawn list

  • Available starting Tier 2, with production ramping up by Tier 3.

  • 4th quarter Credits update

  • Capture timers have been updated for Campaign 191

  • A number of unit images have been updated with Propa screenshots

  • A few machine guns updated, including: game manual updates, weapon names, tracers and proper weights

  • The Panhard, Stewart and Stugs have had their crew members (3D models) updated

  • Wickenby is now Scampton

  • River dams have been added to west of Sheffield, SE of Herdecke and east of Dortmund

  • A few of the Spawn In Tips have been updated, more planned in the future

  • The new towns of Aumetz, Blerancourt, Coucy-le-Chateau, Maartensdijk, Hilversum, Huizen, Muiden, Woudenberg, Ede, Elst, Zeist, Utrecht, Culemborg, Vianen and Bruinisse have been added to the game

  • The visual range of some buildings has been extended

  • Wazdown has been added to the Fallen Soldier Memorial

  • Koln has been updated to named Koeln

  • A number of bridge names have been updated to their historical names

  • Some bush rows have been replaced with city planters in some towns


  • Fixed an armor issue with the FlaK36 (88mm)

  • The Lorraine Anti-Char's driver hatch armor has been fixed

  • Some telephone poles and their wires have been replaced

  • More textures have been updated in order to help with ATI GPU load times

  • Destroyer gun sights have been fixed

  • Forrest floors now slow vehicles more than before

Note: Some fixes may arrive at a later point to further enhance the experience. 

S! Cornered Rat Software

Don't forget to subscribe and support the war effort! Each person here makes a big difference, so please do back the team up - thanks!

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