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Happy Holidays everyone! This patch introduces Integrated Voice Communications (IVC) to WWII Online, forever changing gameplay for the better! Starting now, all players will be connected to voice comms with no third-party software required. This is a massive breakthrough in our technology and will work to retain new players, improve the current experience and develop squads and battles further. You'll get local 3D proximity chat and a variety of primary radio channels to help you connect tactical and squad communications like never before!

Keep reading to learn more and see our Wiki (manual) inside. Thanks for your continued support as a subscriber, making developments like these possible. Salute!

World War II Online

Version - December 2022

Introducing Integrated Voice Communications to WWII Online!

IVC Wiki Page / Manual found here:


  • Lobby voice radio channel for general comms and choosing sides

  • Side voice radio channels active when no mission has been selected (Separate Axis, Allied channels)

  • Mission radio channels (side unique) becomes primary radio channel (whether spawned or not)

  • Squad voice radio channel for dedicated squad ops (always available)

  • In-game 3D voice chat providing attenuated and directional positional-based voice audio

  • Configurable key mapping

  • Cycle through available voice channels

  • Transmit on selected voice channel (PTT)

  • 3D voice activation (talking)

  • Temporary IVC Disable (Mute/Deafen) for tense moments

  • IVC Hud Enable/Disable

  • IVC Hud displays who is talking, Icons over talking players (Radio vs 3D Chat)

  • IVC Configuration

  • Voice audio input/output device selection

  • Input/Ouput volume

  • Enable/Disable channel types (uncheck all for IVC opt-out)

  • Sensitive to .ignore list for muting other players

Available voice channels, built into WWII Online.
Use "Left Control + Tab" to change channels.

Note: There is a planned follow-up release to expand on IVC and some extra polish items, after the holidays. Please enjoy!

A tremendous amount of work has gone into delivering Integrated Voice Communications to you all. We'd like to thank our developers, testers, and operations team for a full-on collaboration in making this technically achievable and workable in time for you this holiday. 

S! Cornered Rat Software

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