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Updated: May 18

Arriving tonight (8/14/23) around 6PM PST (server time) is WWII Online Hotfix Version which has several fixes related to our recently introduced new vehicles and helps improve some quality of life stuff with better rear views and more. Players successfully used the new consolidated bug reporting tool located at to report most of these issues, and we encourage you all to continue to provide technical reports there. The Rats are listening closely, which is evidence of the new tool producing results. Please continue reading to see the readme notes.

World War II Online

Version - August 2023

This hotfix is aimed at addressing a number of issues that affected a few of the newly released models. 


Various visual anomalies with the newly introduced models have been addressed, including:

  • Fixed a couple of modeling issues with the Flak 30 & Flak 38, including both guns going invisible beyond 60m

  • British 2-pounder floating optics has been fixed

  • M3 ATG twitching and shaking when under tow has been fixed

  • Riding position orientation has been adjusted so riders are properly oriented on the seats, this affects the standard Opel Blitz, standard Bedford, and standard Laffly

  • Driver viewpoint for looking back (numpad .) has been adjusted for all Bedford variants

  • Gunner and commander scaling issues fixed in Opel SPAA and Bedford SPAA

  • Slightly lowered Driver view for all Opel variants

S! Playnet / Cornered Rat Software

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