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Happy Halloween WWII Online Community! Introducing Version which has been released today! It brings in the New HIGGINS BOAT which changes Naval invasions forever, by ferrying troops across the shore and deploying a Higgins Mobile Spawn (PPO) along enemy shorelines. It also includes a new Bailey Bridge and Pontoon Bridge to move vehicles and infantrymen across the water. We have new roadmap deliveries by creating new models for Unreal Engine, usable for WWII Online 1.0 (a couple of light guns). Brand new KILLER sounds for the Spitfire and BF-109/FW-190. Several new towns, props, and bug fixes. Have a read inside for more, thanks for your continued support!

New naval unit to WWII Online, the famous Higgins boat!

World War II Online

Version - November 2023

Introducing the Higgins Boat, manned by the Navy (from deep water ports) to move troops for more accessible Naval invasions! We've also provided new deployable bailey bridges to give engineers and battlefield commanders to change the landscape of battles.

We've also greatly improved sounds for some aircraft, added more props/PPOs and tons of bug fixes. Finally this update includes several roadmap deliveries aimed at improving our visual upgrades as we work toward the future of WWII Online.


  •   Added Aomercy and Mikeaz to the Fallen Soldier Memorial

  •   Updated 3D models and textures (Roadmap Deliveries):

  • CA mle 1938 AA Gun

  • ROQF 6 Pounder AT Gun

  • The Laffly S20 SPAA and Bedford OY SPAA have had their 3D guns updated

  •     Higgins Boats (LCVP) have been added which can deploy Higgins boat Mobile Spawn PPO

  •     Higgins Boat Mobile Spawn PPO can also be deployed from Freighters

  •     Depots have been added to deep water ports to allow for deployment of Higgins boats

  •     Bailey Bridges have been added as new PPOs, deployed by infantry

  •     A new podium PPO has been added to some infantry classes

  •     Bombers that have manually operated bombay doors now have a Bomb Doors status added to their info HUD

  •     Some airfields have had the trees removed from the end of runways

  •     RDP factory buildings have been updated

  •     Added new props:

  • River barge

  • Citroen car

  • Tractor

  • Outhouse

  •     New first and 3rd person engine audio updated for:

  • Spitfire MkIX

  • FW-190s

  • BF-109s

  •     Removed the mud around lake edges

  •     Horns have been added to Freighters and Trawlers

  •     Terrain additions:

  • Added 9 new towns - Epe, Ommen, Raalte, Deventer, Nijkerk, Putten, Bresles, Ville-en-Tardenois and Gisors

  • Added a walkway around some urban river edges

  • Updated urban bridges

  • Changed Hellevoetsluis to a starfort

  • An FB has been added between Givet and Beauraing


  • Fixed the StuG 3G gunner not deploying when multicrewed

  • Corrected the issue causing the Churchill 5CS to be immune to satchels and panzerschrecks

  • Numerous fixes applied to the Wellington, bad textures, broken bombardier's alt/speed gauges, loadout text, etc

  • Decreased fuzing time on PaK36 APHE

  • Updated a broken 2lber AI at Ramsgate AF

  • Corrected an issue with the new Opel's windshield

  • Fixed rider seats on the new Laffly

  • The M4A2/3 and Damiler scout car have been updated to fix an issue that allowed them to drive with dead engines

  • Fixed a few areas that didn't allow for foot step sounds

  • Corrected an issue not allowing access to the Ju88's bombardier's position sometimes

  • Found and fixed a visual anomaly on the Sherman Firefly

  • Updated all Light SPAA damage models

  • Fixed a floating building at Zerf

  • Corrected typo in ballistic coefficient of .50 BMG tracer rounds making them abnormally slow

  • Removed FMBs from being targeted by AI HE firing guns ONLY, MG nests and towers will still engage


S! Playnet / Cornered Rat Software

Engineers can now build pontoon bridges for infantry to cross over in WWII Online.

The newly created 6 Pounder Anti-Tank gun for WWII Online.

The new 6 Pounder anti-tank gun model for the British forces in WWII Online.

We rebuilt the Ca Mle38 anti-aircraft gun in WWII Online.

Bailey bridges may now be built to move vehicles and weaponry across rivers.

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