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Updated: May 18

This game update is packed with roadmap deliverables, lots of new towns, quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and a strong emphasis on breathing new life into the tank game. Support these efforts, and many more by contributing to our fundraiser at

World War II Online

Version - March 2024

This release brings in PPO changes, bug fixes and a bunch of terrain updates, to include 17 new towns.


  • Town altitudes will now show up in the tooltip when hovering your mouse over a town

  • When a Firebase (FB) is selected as either the Mission Origin or Target, players will now see .own information on spawn in

  • The Trench Corner Player Placed Object (PPO) now has a tower added to it

  • The Fortified Mobile Spawn (FMS) has been updated to be less obvious at a distance

  • The Ammo Cache PPO is now placeable by all trucks

  • The Mobile Airfield PPO can now be placed behind the front lines

  • The Higgins multicrew positions have been updated

  • The StuH 42 now has an updated loadout (12 HE, 10 AP, 10 HEAT, and 4 SMOKE)

  • Updated 3D models:

    • Pak 38 ATG

    • ROQF 17 ATG

  • New engine, gun and foley audio has been updated for these tanks:

    • Char B1

    • M4A2 Sherman

    • M4A3 Sherman

    • Sherman Firefly

    • Somua S35

    • Lorraine37

    • Lorraine37AC

    • Panzer VIE (Tiger)

    • Panzer III H

  • Terrain Updates:

    • A new water tower has been added to the Antwerp Airfield and Formerie

    • Added new links to Hornchurch and Gerbeviller

    • Hastings now has a deepwater port

    • All coastal towns can now allow for Higgins Boat MSPs

    • The Aircraft Carriers at Ramsgate, Folkstone, Calais, Vlissengen and Charlois are now capable locations

    • Aircraft Carriers now have AI AAA guns

    • The Citadel has had updates to make gameplay better

    • Taller bushes have been added to certain terrain tiles

    • The tree Level of Details (LODs) have been adjusted for better performance

    • Ramsgate and Sandwich now have an updated church

    • Most roads with a curve now have less blocky curves in the road

  • Added 17 new Towns:

    • Verberie

    • Pierrefonds

    • Marseille en Beauvaisis

    • Crepy en Valois

    • Villers Cotterets

    • Pont Sainte Maxence

    • Criel

    • Savignies

    • Gournay en Bray

    • Forges les Eaux

    • Grandvillers

    • Formerie

    • Robertsbridge

    • Tenterden

    • Charing

    • Harrietsham

    • Grain

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue that allowed a single bomb to destroy MSP PPOs Corrected a Universal Carrier graphics bug

  • Removed trees and berms from Estrees-Saint-Denis buildings

  • Hitmap errors within the Lorraine have been fixed

  • Fixed third person disappearing parts on the Pz3L and Pz3H

  • Corrected a clipping issue with some Firebase (FB) tents

  • Fixed a broken gauge in the updated Laffly S-20

  • Fixed the drive and idler sprockets not spinning for the Char and S35

  • Found and fixed the issue causing both Allied and Axis to be on the same IVC channel

S! Cornered Rat Software

Copyright 1999-2024 Playnet, Inc.

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Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

@XOOM i like this, but why al the new towns? yes, its nice but all that stuff needs to be ported over to UE5 right? maybe its better to just port over what we have now and let those guys that are working on the terrain in 1.0 work on the terrain in 2.0? but either way its a great patch!


Bud Smith
Bud Smith
Mar 14
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Some great stuff.


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