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Introducing the most significant update for Anti-Aircraft gunners since the introduction of the Bofors/Flak28 combo. The Quad AA guns have arrived to WWII Online and pilots beware, these things mean business! This marks a significant 2024 roadmap delivery. We've added some new towns, adjusted some AA sights to improve quality of life and there's been several environmental updates to optimize your experience.


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World War II Online

Version - June 2024

This release recognizes the 2024 Fundraiser top contributors, and adds in: three new Quad AA Guns, six new towns and a handful of bug fixes.


  • Top 2024 funder's (Csm308, Imbrutus, Delems) names have been included into the newly added quad AA guns

  • Quad AA models

    • US M45 .50cal

    • UK/FR Polsten 20mm

    • DE Flakvierling 38 20mm

  • The game's credits have been updated for Q2 of 2024

  • The updated Flak28's sight has been replaced with the round instead of square version

  • The updated Flak38's sight has been adjusted

  • The SdKfz 736 SPAA's gunner view has been adjusted

  • Tree placement has been updated to better handle certain terrain situations

  • In game bushes have been enlarged a bit

  • Tree Levels Of Detail (LODs) have been better color matched

  • Added a new lake to some forests

  • Added a roadside pond to some areas

  • Added new small airfields to some areas

  • Added a new dock to Schilde

  • New Towns added (6):

    • Aarbergen

    • Eppstein

    • Taunusstein

    • Weisbaden

    • Mainz

    • Kreuznach

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected the additional characters with the $orig and $targ commands

  • The French M21 HT 81mm Mortar Carriers are no longer spawnable from an FMS

  • The American M3 HT Gun Carriage is now available at FBs

  • Fixed a critical town spawning issue

  • Fixed a few broken terrain tiles that causes a "tear" to be visible

  • Corrected a few more minor terrain issues

  • Fixed the German 10.5cm artillery's reload audio

  • Fixed a hitmap alignment issue for the Mle38 and Hotchkiss

S! Cornered Rat Software

Copyright 1999-2024 Playnet, Inc.

Newly updated FlaK28 gun sight.
Round sight added to the German FlaK28 improving field of view tremendously.
Quality of life improvement on the German SPAA gunner.
German SPAA unaimed view for gunner, now tracks barrel as you move for better target acquisition.
New model and perspective adjustments that are historically accurate.
New FlaK30 and FlaK38 gunsight, to include historical sunshade without blocking view.
New airfield in WWII Online at Diest.
We've added a new airfield to Diest (south of it). Only aircraft can spawn from it, not airborne units.
Tree LOD rendering much cleaner
We've made tree rendering look cleaner by doing color matches between LODs.
Schilde receives a new dock enabling riverines to spawn from.
A new dock has been added to the town of Schilde.

What do you value most in this update?

  • New Quad AA Guns

  • New terrain and environment updates

  • Quality of life updates

  • Bug Fixes

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great Update Overall! Keep up the great work!


Maik 2016
Maik 2016
Jun 05

Mainz :)


鴻 熙
鴻 熙
Jun 05
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Panzerkampfwagen V Panther :Panzerkampfwagen V Panther :Panzerkampfwagen V Panther

Jun 05
Replying to


Awesome patch can't wait for it. Love to see the new dock in Schilde. You guys should consider adding more docks to all the river towns.

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