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Return of the Gazette!

The World @ War Gazette for WWII Online has returned (for Desktop/Tablets only)! This is an iconic online newspaper for our game that provides information about combat actions, current attack objectives, recent captures and community related data.

We snuck it back in on the home page and community members have been thrilled to see its return as it is very nostalgic but also captures the spirit behind the game, it being much more than a game of course.

The official Gazette of WWII Online, the World@War returns with important battlefield and community information.
A screen shot of the WWII Online Gazette as of May 2024.

Keep a close eye on it as it will be updated routinely, in fact combat actions occur within about 15 minutes as it occurs.

The map is also updated routinely which shows you the frontline conditions, the direction of the war, and is clickable to go to our official web map located at

Community is a large part of WWII Online and we hope this showcase of players and actions work to promote outstanding conduct and provide appropriate recognition.

If you are a web developer specializing in PHP, HTML and Javascript, we're looking for volunteers who want to help us take the Gazette even further. Contact us at and we can discuss how we can bring even more to the community.

Keep a close eye on the home page going forward. You might just see your name there for all to see.


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