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Where Players can go and get assistance from the Community. Whether they have a PC or Mac issue or even needing help with Discord.

Where Players can get into detailed discussions with the Development Team about bugs that are found within WWII Online.

A place where Free to Play Players can communicate with the community and the Development Team. This forum also serves as a place where announcements from the WWII Online Development team can be made.

This forum allows for Premium Subscribed Players to communicate with the Developement Team behind closed doors. This area is also where each branch (Barracks, Hangar, and Harbor) can congregate.

Allows Squads to have a hosted Squad Forum that they are able to maintain on their own and is meant for only their Squad Members. This forum allows Squads to have Squad Discussions without the need to purchase and run an externally hosted Squad Forum.

Community Discord server

WWII Online uses "Discord" as its primary out of game voice communication tool and as overall announcement/chat/help area. When joining the Discord you are invited to choose between the Allied community or the Axis community, which will grant you access to their respective private channels. Attention: Changing your mind will require administration support!

We still plan to have integrated voice communications, but we always planned on keeping something flexible for players to rally with outside of the game. If you have any issue or request regarding our Discord servers, please submit a support ticket.

Please be aware, using discord to spy the other side is a Terms Of Service violation.



Join our WWIIOnline Facebook group, get the latest information and spread the word!

Squad Tools


  • Squad Members
  • Squad Information (Description, etc)
  • See who's Online in your Squad
  • Top Squads (By Stats)
The Squad Tools are meant to give Squad Officers the ability to manage their Squads from outside of the game and also gives them features that aren't currently available in game.
The Squad Tools also allow Squad Members the ability to view information about their Squad or other Squads


  • Promote Squad Members
  • Demote Squad Members
  • Remove Squad Member
  • Update Squad Information
  • View Squad Auditing

High Command

Both sides, in WWII Online, have player-run groups, known as the High Command (HC), responsible for strategic management of the side's forces. High Command players have their own avatar and when they broadcast on the Ops channel a small "HC" symbol is displayed rather than the American, British, French or German side's symbol. An in-game list of all currently logged in HC players is available. HC players have abilities that are not available to the rest of the playerbase, namely in the placing of Attack Objectives (AOs). When an AO is placed on a town, the other side gets an automatic Defence Objective (DO) on that town allowing all players to know that it is under attack. Ten minutes after an AO is first placed on a town, the town's Depot Office building, City Office building, and Rail Road Office buildings all become capturable. These capturable buildings are collectively known as Capture Points (CPs). Entering the Flag building linked to an Office building (marked with a large flag) will show an attacker how long it will take for the building to become capturable.

Host Squads

How Does it Work?

Squads volunteer to accept a rotation of new incoming users to the game. Host Squads are on a rotating schedule so new players can receive the best support and existing squads are not overloaded with a wave of new players.

Each time a new player signs up to WWII Online, Host Squads auto-recruit these new soldiers to their squad and engage them right as they come through the doors. This direct human interaction leads to HUGE retention opportunities that result into a more populated game world for EVERYONE. 

How Does it Benefit the Game?

It’s a double win, existing squads have the opportunity to grow their squad numbers and build new relationships, while new players receive direct support in their very first experiences in the game. 

The Game's Core is Squads

Most players are in a squad and it provides the basic level foundation of teamwork, friendship and retention of existing and new community members.

Receive Trainer Tools!

All Host Squad representatives receive trainer tools which allow you to be visible when a player types ".tr" This means you can globally contribute to any support needs for new and existing players.

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