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Allies Win Campaign 201

Campaign 201 ended with an Allied victory! 

This was done by capturing 9 factories and the towns they are in. This took 61 days to do this. During this time, we seen the allies push close to the factory in the south but after a week of fighting in this area the axis made a strong push to regain some towns. There were some great battles during this time for about another week. Then the allies made a anther push and kept going north to take the rest of the factories.

We are now in intermission until Saturday night when we will start Campaign 202.

Campaign 202 will have a new map starting line in the south. This will give both sides the same number of towns at the start of the campaign.  

With the new start line this will give a new strategic start. The High Commands leaders have taken this information and adjusted their division placements.

Campaign 202 start April 6, 2024 4pm Server time !

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Nice glad it's a short intermission. Ready to rock.

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