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Campaign 202 has started !

The campaign 202 has started with a new frontline! The southern part of the start line as has been adjusted to balance out the town count to be close to 50% per side.

This will make the fight in south part of the map more important in the beginning of the campaign start. Two towns are now key. Axis must try and buffer Etain while the Allies will try and keep Verdun.

With this line the town count for each side is now equal. Now we can have Forward Base’s for both sides at the campaign start. They will be configured randomly threw out the map.

Small supply adjustment to SMG's

1 AB garrison - 50

2 AB garrison - 75

3AB garrison - 100

INF - 90

ARM - 62

These numbers do include HC officers and Commandos since they carry an smg

Free Play add on equipment for this campaign is

Light Machine gunner

Semi-Auto Rifleman

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