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Introducing three new 3D Models to continue our graphical upgrade of WWII Online, various bug fixes and new features. It also includes a new side-balance feature for underpopulated forces to get better situational awareness. The audio issues from last release should now be fixed related to 3D positional audio. Continue reading to see the full readme!

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World War II Online

Version - April 2024

This release introduces 10 new towns, three upgraded ATG/AAA models along with a handful of bug fixes and features.


  • Infantry on Defense missions, while on the under populated side, will now see Enemy Presence text notifications describing a direction they are in

    • Note: This is not the only direction the enemy can be coming from

  • Paratrooper planes have had their aircraft halos removed when seen by the enemy (friendlies still see the halos).

  • The .friends feature will now notify you of friends logging in only when joining your side

  • Updated 3D models: Roadmap Deliveries

    • M5 ATG

    • Pak 40 ATG

    • Bofors AAA

  • A new road section has been added to different areas of the map

  • Cuves in roads have been updated

  • 29 Town owners have been adjusted for an updated map starting lines

  • The Nore, a Sea Fort, has been completed

  • Added 10 new towns:

    • Auneuil

    • Mouy

    • Lalandelle

    • Hartennes

    • Fere-en-Tarderois

    • Noailles

    • Dormons

    • Chatllon-sur-Marne

    • Epernay Nord

    • Epernay Sud

WWII Online's new Pak40 anti-tank gun model
Introducing the new Pak40 model, made first in UE5 and baked down for 1.0.
WWII online's new M5 anti-tank gun model.
Introducing the new M5 Anti-Tank gun model. Once again, made for both UE5 & WWII Online 1.0.
WWII Online's new 40mm Bofors Anti-Aicraft model!
A brand new 40mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft model made for both UE5 & WWII Online 1.0.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected a few misalignments found on the recently updated ATGs

  • When using the Quick Mission feature at a FireBase (FB), it will now make the FB the Target

  • Fixed an issue that allowed .who to be used across sides

  • The ability to utilize Tutorials have been fixed

  • Temporarily reverted the changes for tank tread sounds

  • Forges les Eaux has had numerous bugs fixed

  • Fixed a few buildings that were reporting as Research Facilities

What do you think of this patch?

  • I like it, balanced between fixes and features.

  • I'd like more features added.

  • I'd like more bug fixes added.

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Obtuvo 5 de 5 estrellas.

good patch!

Me gusta

Obtuvo 5 de 5 estrellas.

combien y a t-il de joueurs actif sur ce jeu, j'aime ce jeu mais il est térriblement vide !

Me gusta

Obtuvo 5 de 5 estrellas.

Good job CRS good job everybody working hard and making progress love you guys the game is a lot of fun

Me gusta

Good patch! Especially the new models are very good! And thanks for the new warming system i

it will help the underpop side a lot with defending and may even slow down the softcaps a bit i think

Me gusta

Imagine a 20 year old game being still developed and with this pace! 😍

Me gusta
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