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Campaign 200: A historic milestone!

We’re finally approaching the launch of Campaign 200 (Saturday, December 16th 2023 at 9AM PST) and it is a reason for all of us to celebrate. With the holiday release now in hand and a strong reception to the patch notes, the winter theme has been activated and this weekend we’ll have everything unlocked as part of Operation Bad Santa (on Sunday). There are some other important updates we’d like to point your attention to, please carefully read below:

  1. A fourth move-able division will be added to the map.

  2. Infantry brigade - Infantry supply, has been increased by 10%.

  3. Armored Brigade - Armored supply, has been increased by 10%.

  4. All HQ (Division) supply has been increased by 10%.

  5. Increasing population requirements to receive 2 Attack Objectives.

  6. All paratroopers and transport aircraft available for duration of campaign.

With that said we have a ton of great updates and discussion happening in our Discord server. If you are not there, you are missing out on a HUGE part of the WWII Online community, and really should get connected asap.

In closing, thanks for helping to make WWII Online’s 200th campaign possible, and we sure hope to see our veteran players returning to see the massive number of changes we’re making on WWII Online 1.0, and support our efforts to innovate into the future as well. Do your part to help spread the word, as a thousand voices is more powerful than a hundred. S!

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