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Axis won campaign 200 by capturing 10 factories and the towns they are in. We've made several adjustments to help address game imbalance, please continue reading.

Changes for Campaign 201 

Garrison supply decreased by 25% except there will be no changes in supply for air or navy. No decrease in combat engineers or Hero Builder RPATS or DLC's or FTP units. If there are only 1 or 2 of a unit in supply, then there will be no decreases in those numbers.

Free Play extra units include: Combat Engineer and Engineers.

Game Balance Changes include:

  • Side switch delay: This is when you’re logged into the game, and want to switch from one side to the next.

    • Old: 15 minutes

    • New: 30 minutes

  • Persona delay: When you join the game and your side is overpopulated, you must wait to join that side. This is to encourage people to join the underpopulated side.

    • Old: 60 seconds

    • New: 120 seconds

  • Balance Percentage: The percentage of imbalance it takes to initiate balance mechanisms.

    • Old: 60%

    • New: 20% (they will start sooner)

  • Balanced Capture Timers: If overpopulated, your side will have their capture timers slowed down to offset the imbalance.

    • Old: 1.5x slower

    • New: 3x slower

All game data can be viewed in the game monitor app

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Here we go again!

Soft caps by both sides depending on what time of day it is.

Why can’t we lock the BUNKER or the link depot when one sides numbers are very low so that it can’t be captured?

No idea if it’s been tried before or possible? It tends to be most of the fun in intermission when a SPAWN gets captured and the depot gets camped (I never understand the real need to recap it). Certainly more fun than another town dropping or gaining from a soft cap.

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