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Yet another rapid turn hotfix by the RATS - w00t! This hotfix solves several items affecting game play, makes mounted machine-gun perspectives consistent, and making some adjustments to enhance performance. Thank you for your feedback - WE ARE LISTENING - and enacting solutions as quickly as we can. Please continue reading to see the specific fixes. Subscribe to continue supporting our development team at

World War II Online

Hotfix Version - January 2022

Another rapid turn around hotfix for the WWII Online community addressing key items affecting game play. The RATS are actively listening to you and working to make your experience better.


  • Universal Carrier MMG "Vickers Gunner" now killable

  • Sdkfz 232 replaced with Sdkfz 231 art (removes antenna / looks better)

  • Sturmgeschutz MG34 gunner ready (non-aim) view improved

  • All APCs corrected to have single stage zoom on machine-guns

  • M10 series gunsight view fixed for widescreen (removes peripheral binocular texture)

  • Naval Garrisons now in Leuven, Mechelen and Brussels SW

  • Middleburg and Goes can no longer spawn tanks in Zealand's

  • Station1c damage textures improved

  • LODs added to taller grass objects for increased performance

  • Spawn depot buildings now have boxes under some exits to reduce fall damage

S! Cornered Rat Software

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