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Here comes a MASSIVE update to WWII Online - arriving February 15th 2023! Includes the long-awaited TARGET voice channel which will be the new default, bringing combined arms communication to the game. Completed revamped audio to balance things out, and brand-new special effects (visual and audio-video inside). Hero Builders receive an all-new exclusive - Hero Anti-Tank Soldier - equipped with a Bazooka, Rifle and Frag grenades. 28 new towns have been added. Hurricane kill bug squashed. And several polish items were added for a better-integrated voice comms (IVC) experience. This is all made possible by YOU the WWII Online subscriber - thank you for supporting our studio!

World War II Online

Version - February 2023

This release brings a few long-awaited IVC changes for players, 28 new towns, new special effects and a new Hero Builder infantry unit.


  • IVC Target channel added

  • IVC HC channel added

  • IVC Multi-crew channel added

  • IVC Squad channels will now be separated by their side

  • An IVC tab has been added to the Keymapper pop-up (P) window

  • A new Hero Builder infantry unit has been added

  •  RPAT w/2 rounds

  • Main battle rifle w/20 rounds

  • 2 HE Frag Grenades

  • 1 Knife

  • 1 Shovel

  • Sound effects audio has been equalized across all units and weapons, this may require players to adjust game audio volume in preferences

  • Matilda, Pz2c, Pz3, SdKfz 231 and Firefly crew members have been visually updated

  • The Triumphal Arch has been added to Brussels

  • Players can now damage the newly added Dams

  • New towns have been added: Chalons, Chalons South, Tilloy-et-Bellay, Attendorn, Sittingbourne, Sheerness, Juvigny, Conde Sur Marne, Les-Petite Loge, Bochum, Hattingen, Zevenaar, Elten, Bechy, Verny, Baronville, Francaltroff, Cuvilly, Montdidier, Lassigny, Ribecourt, Orbeval, Marville, Jametz, Vittarville, Rouen, Rouen East and Barentin

  • Tongeren has had new town walls built

  • Beauvais, Clermont and Willemstad have been rebuilt

  • Terrain tiles around Paris have been fixed up

  • Dover, Bergen op Zoom and Calais are now enlarged

  • Some river barriers have been moved under water with buoys added to mark them

  • Some in game Manuals have been updated

  • Genobrst has been added to the Fallen Soldier Memorial

  • A few new props have been added: Row Boat, Submarine, Aircraft Carrier and Swordfish

  • Double ponds with a creek and bridge have been added to Sittingbourne

  • Factories from Amiens and Abbyville have been moved to Rouen and Rouen East

  • All new special effects have been added

  • Create longer lasting VFX for artillery rounds that have no fireball

  • Create individual SFX for artillery HE shells

  • Create mortar specific VFX

  • Improve muzzle smoke VFX on tank main guns

  • Improve fuel fire VFX

  • Improve engine fire VFX

  • Improve frag grenade VFX & SFX

  • Create new bomb explosion VFX & SFX

  • Create new bazooka explosion SFX


  • Secondary "Hurricane" kill bug fixed

  • Fixed the bug that caused some building to disappear during town captures

  • Motorized Mortars can now shoot beyond 2,150m

  • Repaired the Beauvais-Poix-de-Picardie FB

  • Fixed the unkillable Stuart driver

  • The AB Barracks buildings now have a damage model


S! Playnet / Cornered Rat Software

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