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This patch is focused on optimizing WWII Online from our last release. Please continue using the official bug reporting tool and we'll prioritize and knock those reported issues out. Thanks for your continued support, S!

World War II Online

Version - January 2024

This hotfix aims to issue some quick fixes for the previous release.


  • The Higgins PPO set distance has been extended

  • Updated the DD 5in HE shells that were timing out too soon

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected the incorrect sniper rifle sway across all countries

  • Fixed the AI Mle38's floating barrel

  • The Trench spawn’s collider issue has been fixed

  • Corrected the issue with the Christmas themed Gingerbread texture

  • Fixed the DD’s manual gunsight ranging limit

  • The US Mortarman now has the correct rifle sound

  • The Christmas theme ingame map has been fixed for certain areas

  • Track sound attenuation has been fixed for a few vehicles

  • Corrected the default texture that the Firefly used while in the Christmas theme

  • The Mercedes W154 has had multiple fixes applied to it

  • Using capital letters in the Playgate username field no longer returns an error

S! Cornered Rat Software

Copyright 1999-2024 Playnet, Inc.

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