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WWII Online Mobile App

Introducing our free iOS and Android mobile community app. Its primary focus is to function as a one-stop-shop for news; and upcoming operations (game events), and include helpful information about community tools and guides—all of that, is available right in your hand.

Once you download the free mobile app you can see any critical information we want to present right here. All web pages that you open within the app will be contained natively to enable easy navigation.

Home screen features

  • Home Button: Takes you to

  • Invite Button: Send an invite to other players and/or new recruits.

  • Learn more about the game: Game information / sign up.

  • Upper left icon: Your profile/info.

  • Upper right icon (bell): App notifications.

Pictured below is the News page. Anytime we update/add WWII Online articles to the home page, you'll be able to see it synchronized with your phone immediately. You can interact with, vote for, comment on, and share these articles easily. You can even Search articles of interest and over time this will be easier to find.

Note: The "All Posts" drop-down menu will allow you to select specific article categories and easily display what you're interested in.

The Tools page is focused on community tools. A lot of things make up WWII Online, this tool section will be updated over time but gives you direct access to what we think are the most commonly utilized tools. Let us know if you'd like to see more added here!

Under the Guides page, we've selected helpful guides for new players and veterans alike. Getting easy access to critical information during gameplay is huge. Initial testers have indicated this is a game-changer for their WWII Online experience.

The More tab at the bottom right opens additional options like upcoming events scheduled, easy access to our support page/team, information about our game design, and our WWII Online subscription plan breakdowns

So now the question is, why haven't you downloaded this yet?

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