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Updated: May 24

On Saturday, May 25th at 6p PST, 8p CST, 9p EST (GMT+8), CRS will be hosting an interview with James Szpajcher (pronounced “Spiker”). Mr. Szpajcher is a member of The Society of Military History. His Bachelor of Arts (BA) dissertation was titled “Bomber Doctrine and the 91st Bomb Group in 1942-43: The First Year of the American Air War, and the Autumn Crisis of 1943”. Following this work was his Master of Arts (MA) dissertation. Recently he completed a multi-year book review of the 1942 battles of El Alamein between the British 8th Army and German-Italian forces in North Africa. 

Mr. Szpajcher has done significant research into the records of the Royal Air Force and the 8th Air Force of the US Army Air Corps as to the conduct of strategic bombing over the skies of Europe in 1942 – 1944. 

His area of research has been in determining the question of morale when compared to the human cost at the squadron and bomb group levels of both air forces related to the Allied strategic bombing effort.

We hope that you join us as we review the historical events which lead to his most recent dissertation “Aircrew Survival Rates in Bomber Command and the Eighth Air Force: An Investigation into the Question of Bearable Casualty Rates, 1 February 1942 – 19 April 1944”.

This is a live event that will afford you the opportunity to ask questions of the guest speaker. Following the interview, it will be broadcast to our community during our 23rd Anniversary in June.

You will receive a Zoom meeting link via e-mail before the event begins. Please “RSVP” to the event on the link below so we know you are joining us that evening.

Thank you again for your continued financial contributions in keeping the WWII Online dream alive as we progress towards UE5.


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